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It's not Christmas yet but let's have some Supernatural cheer! Btw that gif is too cute.
@butterflyblu cheers me up when I am down. And if you did not know, she freaking awesome..
And plus who would not want to know @butterflyblu... If you don't know her make a point in your day to say hello to her! She does not bite and and is again a kick ass person!
@butterflyblu @danidee this is one of my x mas cards
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Awww!! My Lydia!! 馃挏馃挏馃挏 Thank you! I love it. I love you. You always make me happy and smiling. *hugs* Merry Christmas, beautiful!
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YAY!!! Merry Christmas @ButterflyBlu <3
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And @LAVONYORK too!!! Mine are in progress it's just.... taking a while XD
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@butterflyblu you see I have you Dean in a bow 馃槀馃槀
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@shannonl5 Thank you!! ^.^ @LAVONYORK All wrapped up with a bow on top! 馃槏馃巰
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