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This Crazy YouTube Star Loves Dancing With Her Food.
South Korea is no rookie when it comes to making a strange Internet sensation go viral around the world. What began with the hyper-colored, animated world of K-Pop music videos - including PSY's "Gangnam Style" - soon led to the bizarre foodie trend 'mokbang', essentially long videos where you can watch a Korean college student shovel copious amounts of meat, seafood, and noodles into their mouths for the sake of entertainment.

It should be no surprise, then, that these days, the Internet is going crazy over Syori, a stylishly yet unusual young woman who dresses up in sexy outfits and dances with her food.

Well, that's certainly one way to grate a carrot. I guess.

Since her official Facebook first opened in May, she's won tens of millions of followers, all flocking to her videos to express a range of emotions - from confusion to disgust, curiosity to... well, let's just say there's a lot of pervs on the Internet, you guys.

Her most popular video - with over 12.5 million views - is one where she dances with a giant dead fish, raw squid, and an assortment of other seafoods to "Under The Sea".

My personal favorite is when she tries to cut open a watermelon by repeatedly hitting herself in the face with it like a crazy person.

(Otherwise known as what I consider doing whenever I attend my sister's annual 4th of July vegan potluck.)

So what do you guys think of Syori's antics? Is this YouTube entertainment at its finest, or is she wasting both food and several minutes of your time?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow my WTF Street Journal collection!
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No more room for crazies... I get that a lot too @humairaa XD
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@nicolejb You and me both. :'(
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I think she's weird.... a weird way to catch someone's attention. Isn't she going to regret this later on the future? 馃槄馃槄馃槬馃槬馃槻馃槻
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@JessicaVang I feel like her kids are going to be really confused lol.
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