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Happy holidays to @shannonl5
@shannonl5 is the Marvel Admiral, yes I said Admiral lol but she is also very cool and down to earth to talk to. She has her opinions and is always welcoming to here yours. A species talent most of use don't even have.
I picked Peggy Cater for her Holiday card because this character suits her and does not put up with nonsense! However is kind and understand so don't let the sentence about scare you. Always remember strength recognizes strength :)
I think if I purchased a gift for @shannonl5 on RL it would be this in the photo above. I believe it would be awesome and match @shannonl5 personality she projects on Vingle! ✨✨✨✨
(this can be found on Amazon.com!) (@BeannachtOraibh lol we still need to would on that card for computer terms when you get the time! Ttly, afk, ASL, )
Happy holidays @shannonl5! @danidee holiday card and plenty to go!
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OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!! Aaaah you know you picked one of ym favorite characters this is so nice!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
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I guessed right! Woot!
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