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So I just found this show and I'm on the 5th episode and can I say N is pretty fucking amazing at acting. Whenever Dong Jae starts to freak out because of his phobia I just want to run to him and comfort him that's it's alright.
Alas I can only admire from afar. (Also he looks beautiful in that picture)
I do love the fact that this is his face 90% of the time
Oh and anyone notice that Seo Ha Joon looks like a mixture of Bang Yongguk and Moon Jongup?
Also the power has flickered on and off like 6 times in the time I made this card, I'm assuming it's storming right now. D: someone save me
I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. I need to watch this drama so badly! Eunji and hakyeon in the same drama is maaaagic!!!!
@QueenLele It may also be on some sites as Sassy Go Go, I have heard both since neither of the names are official.
@QueenLele Cheer Up!
What's the name of the drama N is in