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i think that onepunch man would kick the crap out of goku but onepunch man needs mor training to fight god goku
one punch...I would say the fight last 4 seconds
Honestly I don't think OnePUNCH Man could "Kick" the crap out of anyone... I bet his kicks are weak, and I don't think it's possible for him to beat ssjg Goku... But it's a fight I'd love to watch.
Well... One Punch is heavily rooted in DBZ foundations...but Saitama is a genre trolling character. Other than his one punch finish ability....he is at a disadvantage stats wise. I'm gonna say that Goku wins if he keeps at a distance and keeps moving at typical Z fighter speed but Saitama wins the moment he lands a punch.
Honestly, I don't think Saitama's punches are at the level of super saiyan God. If Saitama punches and enemy equal to him 3 times, the galaxy doesn't explode. (dragon ball super: beerus vs ssjg goku)
Goku will win believe it