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Finally I understand the whole meaning of korea flag :)
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:D Ankor Wat was fun !! I was there last year!! And full of party :) If you come to Vietnam, visit HoChiMinh, it is really nice city !
@Tapsamai This winter I'll travel hanoi to Hochiminh by train. I watched Ms.Saigon musical and it is very impressive so I am studying Vietnam's history :D
@vingler3817 what is that Ms.Saigon musical? I have seen that poster about that show once in Paris, and once in Berlin, but dont really know what it is !
@Tapsamai This is a British musical about love of American soldiers and Vietnamese women while Vietnam War. It is so sad :' (ㅠ_ㅠ)
@vingler3817 yah i just google that show ! turn ourn this is the major success after Les Miserable