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After talking to @Calanator the yesterday about the face paint used for their awesome cosplay, I thought that I'd look into different ways that people have used paint and face paint for cosplay! After all, their's looked great and I have no idea how to do something like this XD

This isn't a tutorial by any means, more of a "I got curious about this, here's what I found" kind of card XD

This cosplayer uses Mehron Paradise Paint & Barrier Spray!

You can order it off of Amazon!

This cosplayer uses regular face paint, but does it in a layered method with some other products!

Ben Nye is the only product I had really heard of before, and this cosplayer uses it along with a few other products to really layer on makeup that doesn't look streaky at all!

Welp, if I ever need to try some face painting for a cosplay, I think I feel a little more prepared now! Really, it seems like if you take time and have the right products available, it wouldn't be that difficult after all.
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Snazaroo is really nice and cheap tho. I've used it so many times. Along with wolf fx facepaint v
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@AdiaJasinski that's good to know! What do you use to seal it?
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@shannonl5 um I use a sealing spray. I forgot the name but they are usually cheap. I'll have to go to my local costume shop and see the brand
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@AdiaJasinski cool! I can check and see what they have near me too. I just trust your expertise haha
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