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One of my cosplays that I want to do eventually (if I ever get the guts to wear a wig that color, lol) is Kida from Atlantis!
I don't know how many people know or like this movie, but I always loved it! Kida was so strong & so brave, and there was just something about her that made me want to cosplay her someday.

And today I found this awesome Kida Warrior cosplay by Jessica Nigri!

I'll admit that while I know she's a "big name in cosplay," I don't really follow that kind of thing, so I didn't even know she had done this. It's impressive though, isn't it? I guess I just still find it a little weird that cosplay personalities can make a living at it, but hey, if you find a way to turn your hobby into a job, I should be all for that!

She posted a cosplay showcase video on her channel, so you can see the details!

Sure, there's a few moments where this video is clearly made blanently to show off her assets, but the cosplay still looks amazing, and pretty on part when what Kida would wear in like Milo's Return, you know?