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This is the news I have been waiting for since his last musical ended. I was lucky enough to see it, and it was so fun to see Taekwoon perform something different, in a really different character. I can't wait to see the same with this!
He's playing a character who's name is (I think...) Aramon along with well known stars Um Ki-joon and Song Chang-eui! Usually there's more than one person playing the same role in Korean musicals ^-^
Though tickets go on sale next week, the musical itself will run from the end of March until mid-June in Seoul. It's a musical I've never heard of before called "Mata Hari." The director of it is actually a fairly well known American director/choreographer Jeff Calhoun (who is known for Grease & Newsies) will be running the WORLD PREMIERE of his musical version of "Mata Hari"....and our Taekwoon will be in it!!!
I looked up other productions of musicals by the same name, and a run in Prague recently shows us images like this. So what I gather is that we can expect feathers and dancers and courtesans and top hats, right?
I tried to look up a bit about the story of Mata Hari, but because it's going to be the world premiere, I'm not sure if the story will be the same. The director himself said that:
"What's great about Mata Hari is that people think they know her story, but I think there are a lot of variations depending on whose book you read. So it was fun for us to coalesce from all of those books into what we thought were the highlights of her life."
Basically, though, she "considered the archetypal spy, a femme fatale of the early 20th century, an exotic and tragic beauty, a romantic heroine and a new and modern embodiment of Eve the sinner." And on top of that, she was executed by a firing squad during WW1 under suspicions of being a spy, but it's still not known if she truly was or not.

Anyways, I'm so happy for Taekwoon and can't wait to see the first previews / preview images / ANYTHING ELSE!!!!

I'll share anything I find ^-^
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I need to see taekwoon at a cabaret omg this is perfect
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