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Jb, Shownu, Minhyuk, Yongguk
Yun Hyeong, Booby, Bi, Se7en, Day Day [dalmatian] Zea
more Jb, Hoon, Eli [still love him].
not that i have space on my phone. but i would love love to see more post about them. i know U-kiss is underrated, along wit DTM [dalmatian] and B.A.P is coming back. but i do need help. i just cant get enough of them.
@Starbell808 it was pretty quiet since the scandal, they are set officially as hiatus but honestly they have all invested into their solo things, im not sure a real regroup will happen. Im proud of all their solo work and still follow their activities ^^
DMTN isnt together anymore =[ I miss them so much!!
awe yay. thanks.
hmm I haven't done a spam card in a while... I'll tag you if I do any of these cuties!
ah. that sounds like a plan lol. thanks @ashleydj100
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