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When someone in your family points out the fact that you've gained weight while your eating.

initial thoughts that go through your mind

You decide to bring this up now ....

Do you Hate Me?

What's up your butt?

Eat to your hearts Content No Matter what They Say!!!

ooh your salad is healthy but what I'm actually eating is tasty!!!

Fight back with a smile and a bite!!! Make it seem as if the meal your having at the moment is the only thing that can make you happy for the rest of your life!!!

When some clothes just don't fit you anymore just rip them off !!!

Shirt doesn't fit me too tight ... (rip furiously but in a seductive manner)

pants are too tight ( take them off sit and relax)

Work Out from time to time if your not athletic that's cool you can just watch others work out I'm sure that it counts.

Work Out With a smile (even if in the inside your about to die)

Just cause your weight has changed a little or a lot it doesn't change the person that you are.

Love the body you have wether you have abs or a flab. My body still turns you on ;) (pulls shirt up)

Love Your Body Seriously I mean if you can't laugh at yourself from time to time then what's the point!

Losing weight isn't easy and neither is gaining it but remember that if you feel good about yourself then that's enough.

Honestly it was only until I stopped constantly freaking out about my weight that my self confidence went way up!! I dont have a scale and only have a mirror that shows from the waist up (which is actually so annoying sometimes hahaha) and now i just dont even nitice hahahha JIMIN YOU SUPERSTAR. YOU SHINE IN ANY SIZE.
I still have battles about my confidence as well (usually when my depression or anxiety takes hold) but like Jimin I have a lovely belly (and thighs lol)! I'm glad he is feeling more confident with himself because that gives inspiration to those of us who go through the same thing.
Jimin so cute.. now I know that he has been taken care of by Jin..hahha..
@kpopandkimchi it makes me sad how in interviews they have to bring up the abs and how he's doesn't have them anymore and I'm like ummm he can get them back and if he doesn't who cares have you heard him sing