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First time doing this, well here goes nothing. hope you enjoy my vingles

so my characters are all from the YG Family!!

Let's do this!!!
Time to choose your Lover. Your lover will be by the color of your shirt your wearing right now. Second character: will be your brother and its by the color of the shirt you wore yesterday. Third character: will be your brother's best friend and its by the color of your mother's shirt is wearing now. Bobby- Pink, Green, Brown Jiyong- White, Red, Orange,Black SeungRi- Blue, Yellow, Purple Now that you got your lover, let's move forward,shall we .....
The choice of place will be College. Your lover is a new student and out of blue, he sat right next to you. Ooohh will he make you steam up your studies?
Time to choose The Wrecker !!!! Choose by the order of top #3 Careful not to be bitten!! (lol)


#1 : Koo Jun Hoe (IKOn) #2: B.I (IKON) #3: T.O.P (Big Bang) Uh Oh!! Let's see How bad These boys are!

Joker Card

Your Wrecker is Your Lover's Boss!

Get your results. I will soon start putting Stories Down. Their will be four different types of stories!! Did the story got you the chills and made you shiver down to your spine. Game on Everyone !!!

Jiyong is my lover, Seungri is my brother and his best friend is Bobby. B.I is the wrecker lol.
Interesting... Lover~ Seungri Brother~ Jiyong Brother's Best Friend~ Bobby The Wrecker~ Koo Jun Hoe
top as the wreckef
seungri lover jiyong brother Bobby as brothers best friend
I got my soulmate Jiyongi ,my brother is bobby, and sexy boy is his best friend! Lol maybe that's how Nyongtory begins 😂😂and how ironic in Ikon Junhoe is the wrecker for me and I got him as my wrecker in this
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