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So as you guys probably know its Seungri's birthday soon!!!
And VIPs global are preparing for the occasion but there's a particular set of VIPs who have done something amazing for him
This is the subway station in Hongdae, a group of VIP's have payed to set up these posters all throughout the station, and they with be up for a FULL MONTH!!
I think thats honestly incredible that they did something like that for him and I really hope he sees it :)
How are you planning to celebrate Seungri's birthday? :)
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aww that so fircken cute/awesome. I love the idea
this is the sweetest!
awww VIPs are so amazing..he is so cute and definately deserves all this ..happy birthday Seungri
That's so cool of an idea!
ok but in all seriousness this is honestly the sweetest thing I ever saw. these fans have such dedication and love for there idols to go and make them happy. they support them so much and go above and beyond.