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She's mage who uses Solid Script magic, she's a member of the Fairy Tail Guild's team Shadow Gear, along with Jet and Droy. Have you guessed yet? ITS LEVY MCGARDEN! *also there may be spoilers ahead if you are not up to date on the fairy tail ANIME, I said ANIME once again ANIME, that's for all you manga readers that are gonna come on here and say otherwise about what i know. Shoo. Shoo away and don't even say it.*
Levy is the most kawaii character ever. I don't care what you sayyyyyy. Her magic is cool becuase she just has to write an object and it becomes a solid obejct, Solid Script. Her love for Gajeel is super cute because she is open about it but yet shy about it. She shows she cares in scenes where he is fighting and she is worried for him. While fighting the evil golden gate summons, levy was in a game show against Capricorn and in order to win, she had to answer the question "What is the name of the man Levy-San likes?" she lit up bright red and the audio cut out to keep it 'a secret' but we allllll know she said "Gajeel..." in that moment. There was also the one time when she gave Gajeel some iron to eat and the "O" had a heart in the middle! AND LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE RECENT EPISODE WHERE SHE SAVED GAJEEL BY KISSING HIM AND GIVING HIM AIR!!!
Here is most of the scene where Levy is forced to say who she likes, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES EVER AHHHH.
That's my favorite supporting female anime character. Who is yours?