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Anime has helped me in ways that I didn't know possible. Finding that one thing that saves you and brings you back to reality and a beautiful existence is a part of life. We all have it hard during life, things tear us apart and change who we are. For me anime and manga both have changed me for the better. I have become a very humble and understanding person who wants to love everyone and everything. Anime is life!! Anime has saved me!!
Fairy Tail
@VinMcCarthy I can def agree to Naruto. I learned a lot of strong senses from naruto dues to his struggles he always had. I will def agree to that one NAKAMA!
Dragon Ball Z was always their when I needed it and it courted me to fight and protect other people.
Naruto had my back
it sounds basic, but I think Naruto did a lot for me. Seeing the way he struggled with loss and his fight to better himself taught me that anything is ultimately possible
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