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thy went on the Viking ride n suho was holding the phone OMG he was so cuteee~ haha he got scared as the tide went higher haha he leaned in on D.O haha omg suho oppa is so adorable haha
I also watched the video when thy sung their new song that j came out yesterday sing for you concert n I was amazed bc I luv the song n I luv EXO
I was also watching bts on the v-app n thy were also adorable I'm proud tat thy win 1st place fo the show I'm proud of my boys thy mean a lot to me haha n so does EXO, taehyung namjoon jimin Jin j-hope suga n kookie were all adorable I haven't seen all 7 of thm together untill tis live bts vid was up I hope thy win more awards n stuff later on EXO also I hope 2016 makes all their wishes come true EXO BTS saranghae!!!!!
Bangtan n EXO I wish you a merry Christmas even if Christmas is a long way to go I'm still sayin it n I luv u guys even if ur members may be gone n not many or their r problems happenin let all tat go n enjoy the holidays n hope tat 2016 is gonna be the best year since its starting a new year make it last before a new year starts n start out fresh again fo 2016 EXO Bangtan saranghae~ annyeong~