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It's a conversation we're probably tired of having.

Yes, the appearances of celebrities are photoshopped for almost everything. At this point, it's a novelty to see a picture that ISN'T photoshopped. And with a Marvel movie, full of super-soldiers and magic, photoshop can *almost* be forgiven. We need to be able to suspend our disbelief and see the world that the movie is trying to show us. The Hulk needs to be green. Red Skull needs to have a red skull.
But does Black Widow really need to be skinnier?

Is anyone ever "pretty enough"?

All of the actors are put through grueling workout routines to get ready for these movies. When they're already fairly fit and considered to be attractive. And then photoshop comes in to make Scarlett Johansson's boobs rounder, her arms muscles less bulky, and her internal organs less... present. This has nothing to do with suspending our disbelief, and everything to do with selling a specific body type, one that has been arbitrarily chosen as more attractive and acceptable. It's a small thing to nitpick maybe. Truthfully, I love this character. She's complex and conflicted and funny and imperfect. And I wish the people in charge of marketing her had faith in those qualities, instead of assuming that all their audience wants to see is "sexy".
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Oh my gosh this is so disgusting. Scarlett has a great figure.seriously how much skinnier does she need to be? and why is it necessary to make her muscles smaller?
@ChosenKnight right!! She worked SO HARD for this movie, all-day workouts so that she could look a certain way which as it is feels excessive to me. And then they turn around and decide that's still not enough. They basically subtracted her organs too
she looks too thin with the photoshop. she has a gorgeous body without it. plus, why are they trying to make her look sexy? her character was meant to be one who kicks ass, so I don't understand why her appearance is so fretted over.
@Alexxe I think there are still some people who think that no matter what the script looks like, the primary purpose of female characters is to be sexy. Which makes me go a little rage-y
@shannonl5 tf? she's meant to be an ass kicker not an ass kisser..jeez