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Anime looks for the best in all of us!! Knowing well aware that we are a gracious wonderful being and anime gives us that light in the tunnel feel. What has anime done for you?? What has anime done to you? Anime is a goodwill given to us by amazing people and has never done us wrong! Always looking out for our best interests by showing the powers that lie within trusting your NAKAMA, believing in yourself and always reaching for your dreams!! Anime is life!!
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saved my life, helps me get through hard situations, opened my perspective on the world, got me interested in many things outside of my little bubble in the US, and many more
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@LuffyNewman woo we're on the same boat my friend!
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@RaquelArredondo so it seems my NAKAMA :)
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it helped get me away from this bullshit called reality and shaped me into the person i am today
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