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Yup. We made it weird Marvelers.

So I chose a picture that's just as weird as we are. The contributions to this week's Mad Lib were totally wild! I hope you're all proud of yourselves. Here's your creation:
Thor was waltzing in his skeleton snuggie when he heard the foxy tones of Bj枚rk's new mashup with reggae sharknado.
*Who changed my ringtone* he pondered as he went to answer his phone.
"It's an emergency!" shouted Darcy. "Get to New York ASAP."
Thor tried not to panic. "Is everyone all right?" He reached for his hammer, disturbing the banana and woman's left leg in the process.
"Just get here soon!" Darcy yelled before hanging up.
Thor teleported immediately, arriving in Greenwich Village. It was extremely disorienting. There were [7] balloons and people everywhere. He hit his glutes (buttocks) on some low hanging fabulous streamers. Confused, he texted Darcy.
Suddenly, all of the Avengers appeared. "Surprise!" they shouted. Jane wrapped her arms around Thor and gave him a fuzzy kiss.
"We realized we have no idea when your birthday is," she sexted. "So we thought we'd throw you a surprise party."
"The real surprise is gonna be when we find out how old you are," muttered Darcy.
Captain America patted Thor on the right leg. "Maybe now they can start making old man jokes at your expense instead of mine."
"Not a chance," smiled Black Widow, wheeling out a curdled cake.
"Were you surprised pal?" Iron Man wiggled. "Because I sure was. They didn't tell me until an hour ago, because apparently they think I can't keep a secret. Anyway here's a giant emu. Relax about it."
Thor grinned. "Thank you friends. This is most kind."
"There's also presents!" Darcy slid past them. "You know, if you're into that sort of thing."
Hawkeye was inches away from the cake. "Or we could do cake first," he muttered, looking verklempt. "Just putting that out there."
Bruce grinned. "I spent some time in the lab and managed to make some beer that'll probably get you drunk. It smells like BUCKY'S METAL ARM! and I'm too afraid to taste it, but... happy birthday?"
"You are all so kind friends!" Thor beamed. "I only wish my family could share in the celebrations."
The cake giggled.
"Um," said Darcy. "Come again?"
"Ehehehehe." Loki emerged from the cake, covered in butler.
"I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me!"
He immediately began causing mayhem, enchanting his boxer briefs to chase party guests.
Laughing, Thor raised his hammer.
Well, you know.

What even.

Keep it weird everyone!

@Danse @LAVONYORK I'm gonna make the one today a continuation since this was so funny @MichelleHolly your mind went there XD
@YoSoySoysauce @LenaBlackRose @kneelb4zod <3 it was thanks to your hilarious sense of humor
"enchanting his boxer briefs to chase party guests." 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 so he's not wearing them anymore?!?!?!?!?!
I imagined Loki covered in a dismembered Alfred Pennyworth
lmfao we did good!
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