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-----It's been 9 months since you and Jimin started dating. Things still seemed like the fist time it had happened. The BTS members keep teasing Jimin, telling you everything and that he mentions your name a lot on his sleep. Later next morning you were sleeping on top of Jimin. He looks at you and starts to smile constantly biting his lips: "what is it about you that makes me so crazy?". He whispers wrapping you in his arms.
Once you wake up...... you feel nausious and started feeling sick. Jimin comes out from the bathroom of the hotel room and finds you on the floor in pain. "N/A what's wrong?!!!, ARE YOU OK??" You can hear him yell your name but soon the sound fades and you pass out. As you suddenly wake up, you screech in pain. Soon you start to see clealy. You see a room filled with hospital posters and become weary of why you are in a hospital. The nurse comes inside with a bright smile on her face. "오, 당신이 깨어 났군요 ! (Oh, you're awake!)". she says relieved (realyzing you speak english) YOU: "Why am i in the hospital?" NURSE: " You were sent here by your boyfriend, jimin was his name. He said that he found you on the floor in pain and then you just passed out. Luckily it was nothing serious." YOU: "ok... thanks" NURSE: "oh!, and congratulations!" YOU: on what? NURSE: well according to your results it seems you're 4 weeks pregnant!...... Your boyfriend already knows as the doctor was the one who told him. You should know that he couldn't stop smiling and mumbling baby names under his breath (she laughs), i'm sorry... but anyways if anything goes wrong with the pregnancy give us a call." She then leaves leaving you alone.
Jimin walks inside the room and run towards you asking all kinds of questions and with a huge smile on his face, honestly you've never seen him this happy before. "Jimin-i, 당신은 괜찮아? (are you ok?), you're crying!" "is just i can't believe i'm going to be a father!". He yells You start to laugh with him and rubbing your stomach constantly telling to you're self "i'm going to be a mom, i'm going to be A MOM!!".
For @QueenLele and @DreaG1518 enjoy!!
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