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Hello again! And welcome back to my Japanese lesson :) If this is your first time here and wanna know more, I suggest going to lesson 1 :) but it won't matter in the long run XD Also, during your stay, might I suggest watching that gif with music? It's pretty cool ;)
So on with Lesson 1.5: Even more greetings! Last lesson you learned how to say hello for different times of the day and how to say goodbye and goodnight. This time, we're going to continue with some greetings. How do you do: はじめまして/hajimemashite Nice to meet you (literally: please take care of me): よろしくおねがいします/yoroshiku onegaishimasu How are you: 元気(げんき)ですか。/genki desu ka? I'm fine: 元気(げんき)です/genki desu Are you alright: 大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)ですか。/daijoubu desu ka? I'm alright: 大丈夫です/daijoubudesu Now we will move on to more of the greetings, but not so much as "hello" or "how are you." Thank you: ありがとう[ございます]/arigatou[gozaimasu] Excuse me: すみません/sumimasen I'm sorry: ごめん[なさい]/gomen[nasai] No/Not at all (after being thanked or answering a question): いいえ/iie I'm leaving: いってきます/ittekimasu Come back soon: いってらっしゃい/itterasshai I'm home: ただいま/tadaima Welcome home: おかえり[なさい]/okaeri[nasai] Again, the extra syllables inside the brackets are usually only used to show respect to your elders.
Next, we'll move on to FOOD! :D (gomen if that picture above made you hungry) There are two things you say when it's time to eat. They both mean the same thing, but one is before you eat, and the other is after you're finished. Thank you for the food (before): いただきます/itadakimasu Thank you for the food (after): ごちそうさま[でした]/gochisousama[deshita] These sayings are a thanks and showing respect to the person who made the food. It can also sound sort of like a short prayer to the Gods for the delicious food, depending on your situation :) SO THAT IS IT on lesson 1.5 :) I hope you enjoyed my little lesson and may your speech be ever so fluent that your friends will be confused ;) さよなら!