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My brother and his wife sent shockwaves across the country when they announced their nuptials. They did so by sending everyone who wasn't invited to the wedding, pictures of themselves on their wedding day. There were only 12 people invited to their wedding. And while I was invited, I wasn't able to attend...
So you can imagine the gossip and drama over all that. Except, there really wasn't any of that. The 11 people who went to the wedding were thrilled, and so were those that got the beautiful announcements.
I say all this to say that YOU DON'T NEED A $40,000 BUDGET WEDDING to get hitched, be happy and live your life in harmony. To this day, my brother brags about how the $900 "investment" yielded a return of almost $5,000 in gifts and currency. Pretty remarkable, right?
Maybe you're done with the stress of relatives, distant friends and the looming budget. Would you consider a small, intimate affair instead? This photo shows how glam a simple wedding luncheon can be when it's small and beautifully put together. And don't worry about whose house to host it; you can rent small intimate rooms at hotels and even fancy restaurants. Let these venues do all the work for you. In today's market, and based on a bunch of other things, you can plan to spend about $100 per guest for this type of affair. If that sounds pricey, you only have to invite the must-haves. Whomever they may be. Friends. Family. Other...
It's your wedding. You choose!
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