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All Latinas Look The Same to The Global Globes?
On The Global Globes' Twitter account, they confused presenter America Ferrera as "Jane the Virgin" actress Gina Rodriguez. Not just once -- but TWICE.
See the panel right there? Yeah it's America Ferrera sitting at the end of it, not Gina Rodriguez. Welp, that's embarrassing. The tweet mentioned @HereIsGina...Gina Rodriguez' handle.

Just in case you wanted a closer look:

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association told Us Weekly in a statement, "What occurred this morning was an unfortunate error. Our sincerest apologies to both America and Gina."

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It's totally disrespectful. Other than both of them being stunningly beautiful, they don't look alike.
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Latinas all look alike? In that they are all beautiful - sure. ♡ But it's totally disrespectful and highly unprofessional to release a statement without fact checking. I immediately recognized America as the lady at the podium when I saw this controversy aired yesterday. Just another example of how in this day and age of media overload news and /or entertainment organizations need to double check their information before releasing statements to the public.
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how embarrassing. its always amazing to me how such big companies can make mistakes like this and no one catches it...
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Yeah and I think that if you're going to have celebrity on a panel, it's just standard to learn their name and get it right... @InPlainSight
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Oooof that's awk. I see the resemblance I guess but they were on a special panel! She would have been introduced. That's not just sloppy that's totally not paying attention
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