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Akiyuki Nosaka, the Japanese novelist responsible for writing the short story "Grave of the Fireflies" died yesterday in Tokyo. At 85 years old, Nosaka was a survivor of WWII, a part of his life that had a direct impact on his writing for the rest of his life.
Probably his most famous work, Grave of the Fireflies, was adapted into a Studio Ghibli film in 1988. For anyone that hasn't seen it, you should. It is a sobering and sorrowful tale of the impact of WWII on children. Nosaka was well known for his stories about war for children.
Isao Takahata did an amazing job with the film. Such an intense story and very sad but was an amazing work of art.
R.I.P. man, your movie gave me feels
@LuffyNEwman it truly was. Grave of the Fireflies will stick with me as one of the most somber films I've ever experienced.
RIP. sad to hear but thanks for everything
Wow! Sorry to see him go. That was an incredible story
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