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While I could go on and on about all the reasons why the classic moon landing was a Kubric-directed hoax, I will spare you all from that and leave you with the most damning evidence: the Van Allen radiation belts.
Fact: Distance from earth to moon is 236,900 miles.
Fact: Distance from earth to first Van Allen belt begins at 400 miles above earth.
"The Van Allen belts were the first discovery of the space age, measured with the launch of a US satellite, Explorer 1, in 1958. In the decades since, scientists have learned that the size of the two belts can change – or merge, or even separate into three belts occasionally. But generally the inner belt stretches from 400 to 6,000 miles above Earth's surface and the outer belt stretches from 8,400 to 36,000 miles above Earth's surface." (Quoted from see article.)

So, how did technology of the 60s get men to the moon and back (twice through the Van Allen belts), without killing them if today's technology is still insufficient to safely navigate that area of space?

Quick vid on Van Allen belts.
10-minute vid debunking moon landing.


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Good work @marshalledgar..., Space Race, Cold War made them a Hoaxer...
This is so painful to see it hurts. The stupid, it burns
First off, a cursory glance on Google shows that while the radiation exposure in the Van Allen belts was a legitimate concern, the exposure suffered by the astronauts was comparatively low. Sure, they suffered thousands of times the radiation exposure as compared to Earth, but here on earth you are only exposed to millisieverts of radiation. By all estimates, the astronauts only received 2 Rems, or the equivalent of one x ray. They were traveling so fast that they were in and out of the area in question in a matter of hours. They were traveling in a a metal can, that while not as well shielded as a nuclear reactor, was still several inches of ceramic, steel, and other materials that were more than adequate at blocking stray cosmic rays and tour ersatz energetic particle.
Sorry, I meant Your ersatz particle
NASA has said themselves--their words, not mine--that they are still trying to create technology that would allow mankind to travel through the belts. if they still can't figure it out, then how did they do it using tech of 50 years ago? Exposure to hours of radiation to the moon and then back to earth should have killed them. yet they didn't even need hospitalization upon return? just doesn't add up. @RamonPizarro