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Yes... We all know this is possibly the saddest most extraordinary anime ever produced in the short anime romance genre... I can't describe how much emotion went in and out of my head! I laughed and cried and cried again, holy turd nuggets all at the same time, I smiled and frowned, my face was literally contorted beyond recognition, but, alas it ended, short and sweet with a hint of POW RIGHT IN THE KISSA! I remained sitting down on my chair, remembering every sweet moment while playing Kousei final piece over and over again. Even now Ballade NO. 1 in G Minor OP. 23 chills my very skin to the core. Great anime, If you haven't seen it, Your missing out one of the best. Does anyone else put themselves in a protagonist shoes and feel what they feel? Apparently, I do... (>. <)
PS. I'm probably the most manly of men, so I thought... GET BACK IN THERE TEARS!!
ohhh man, I need to watch this
I know what exactly what you mean! I'm classically trained in all sorts of instruments yet I never quite felt the passion until I saw this show, more like MASTERPIECE!
Great anime! Loved it from beginning to end. This anime had several sides of a story to tell and told them all beautifully. The characters blended well together and yet each individual story was unique. Crying was mandatory but was worth it. Also, it made me more open to listening to classical music. I recommend it to everyone!!