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Controversial Zombie Nativity Scene Seeks Donations
Jasen Dixon and his family love decorating for the holidays. Oftentimes, they use their decorations from Halloween that year and come up with a creative twist for the Christmas season.
The neighbors still criticized the decorations. The family received a note on their decorations that said: "GOD FROWNS UPON THIS MANGER SCENE." Other local religious groups have denounced it.

The family argues they do it for the fun.

"My wife Amanda is a hardcore Catholic and we do have a son in Catholic school," Dixon said. "We are not atheist, agnostic or devil worshippers." He stated that the family enjoys that time of the year to be creative and do crafts.
The problem with this years decorations? They were not requested a permit to have a full-on nativity shed for an un-dead holy family. The family is about to receive over $2,500 in fines, as of Wednesday.
These religious group campaigning to get rid of the nativity scene, and maintain that the structure is not allowed, the family is seeking donations to keep their demon holy family alive (undead?).
Well, undead baby Jesus or not, this family sure knows how to work with their holiday decorations.

What do you think of this nativity scene? Freedom of expression or going too far?

(let's keep the comments respectful of others opinions and religions please!)
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I seriously think that people need to mind their own business. it's not your yard not your problem. it's really that freaking simple
2 years ago·Reply
you know this is utterly disrespectful to the nativity. Christ or baby Jesus in this case was not and is not an undead or a zombie. i think they should be fined and be made to take it down.
2 years ago·Reply
That's awesome
2 years ago·Reply
we had the freedom of speech and it's their own property they can do what they want. the city shouldn't make them take it down because it's what they want to do with their decorations
2 years ago·Reply
they can use there own family names for there zombi staff and put there own clothing to zombies. thats there creation
2 years ago·Reply