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Jasen Dixon and his family love decorating for the holidays. Oftentimes, they use their decorations from Halloween that year and come up with a creative twist for the Christmas season.
The neighbors still criticized the decorations. The family received a note on their decorations that said: "GOD FROWNS UPON THIS MANGER SCENE." Other local religious groups have denounced it.

The family argues they do it for the fun.

"My wife Amanda is a hardcore Catholic and we do have a son in Catholic school," Dixon said. "We are not atheist, agnostic or devil worshippers." He stated that the family enjoys that time of the year to be creative and do crafts.
The problem with this years decorations? They were not requested a permit to have a full-on nativity shed for an un-dead holy family. The family is about to receive over $2,500 in fines, as of Wednesday.
These religious group campaigning to get rid of the nativity scene, and maintain that the structure is not allowed, the family is seeking donations to keep their demon holy family alive (undead?).
Well, undead baby Jesus or not, this family sure knows how to work with their holiday decorations.

What do you think of this nativity scene? Freedom of expression or going too far?

(let's keep the comments respectful of others opinions and religions please!)
Source: HuffPost
okay. you can legally build a shed without a permit on your property. the city is taking it to far because we live in a mostly christian nation. (i really do not mean to offend anyone do not take this as bashing.) this is being taken as a religious issue. the city is trying to fine them for something they can't. the only reason for this is a zombie baby jesus and people want to get offended by it. same issue with the starbucks cups. people need to toughen up and learn the real world isn't butterflies and rainbows.
Hahaha @CelinaGonzalez yeah in that case you just reverted your eyes and went about your business. I think it is on private property too so I don't see anything wrong with it either, it's their space so they can do what they want with it @mastertoad Yes @InPlainSight it's more representations for the zombies! they like to celebrate christmas too! ;)
Since the decorations are IN THEIR PROPERTY, I don't think people should come up and tell them to remove it. They are just crazy obsessed religious people that feel offended with anything that goes against their beliefs. I have seen people having sex at their windows when I walk on the street, but since they are in their house, I have nothing to say.
Hahaha yeah I say they get a lot of points for creativity for SURE @mastertoad
this family deserves a medal and some bacon though. they were being resourceful and being creative.
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