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I drew Kid on Thanksgiving but I forgot to take a picture and post it....oops. I hope you like it. Please comment and like and tell me who to draw next (but I have to know the anime). Some anime's I've watched are: Ouran Highschool Host Club Fairy Tail Soul Eater Wolf's Rain Fruits Basket Lucky Star Attack on Titan(Ive only seen a few episodes tho) My Little Monster and Death Note I think thats all but Im not for sure
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@KaitlynTemples it's ok! Worth the wait ^_^ aaaand either one! Both is always good haha
@shannonl5 Ok I'll get it done as soon as possible ^_^
@KaitlynTemples eee <3 I'm excited
how about haru from my little monster
@HarleyDawn yea sure and, along with Kiba, it may be a while