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Yelp, sorry California, but looks like you are at the lowest air quality of any other state, while Wyoming seems to have the cleanest.
In a report by the United Health Foundation, they measured how much of particulate matter is present in a cubic meter of air, for every state.

The particles in the air could be anything from soot to smoke, and those with the purest air were ranked the cleanest.

This week in Paris are the Climate Talks where nations have come together to discuss how to fix the growing issue of global warming. Let's hope they are taking the air into consideration! For the sake of the states!

What state are you from? How's the air?

I live in Florida, and to be honest the air here can't get any worse. Sure, it might not be as bad as other states but people can't breathe here: it's either full-on pollen, too hot to breathe, too muggy or just plain gross 😕😕
@CelinaGonzalez I just moved to the Bay and the air feels fine to me, especially compared to South Korea, more smoggy there.
I'm from Maryland and I don't know how clean it is but...I feel like it's about time I move. Lol
I'm from the Bay Area in California. I'm not sure about how clean the air is here because probably I'm already used to it.
Never even heard of Walnut @xDaisyDaysx! i sounds so cute!
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