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Hi everyone! This is one of my favorite characters from inu x boku. Zange Natsume, he works as a secret service agent for Watanuki. He's one of those strange quirky characters you will love because from the moment he first appears he is very funny.
I did another character review on Kagerou Shoukiin a little while back, well Natsume grew up with him. I guess you could call them childhood friends, but personally I think that Kagerou saw it as more of a master servant relationship (not in a bad way). Both of them have strange but funny personalities so together the two of them just become funnier.
His personality is one of my favorite things about him. he's all fun and games, but every now and then he shows you his mischievous side.
One of my favorite things he does is when he randomly starts telling you about his life story. he has a series of pictures to go along with it that are of rabbits. and then he stops mid we way through saying he wants to leave a little mystery.
comedy supernatural
what kind of anime is this? slice of life?