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We've got another sacking in the EPL!

This one comes as a real surprise. Swansea City, a team that was so impressive as they finished in their highest-ever spot (8th) last season under Monk, started the season impressively.
Striker Bafetembi Gomis (and his terrifying celebrations!) was in great form and Monk's men looked like they could be ready to challenge for a Europa League spot.
But it's all gone wrong for the Swans in the past two months as their horrid form has seen them slip to 15th, just one point above the relegation zone.
That's just not good enough for a team that played so well last season and truthfully only improved their squad by bringing in Andre Ayew. They should be doing much better, and the manager has to be made responsible for the results.
They were winless in their past 12 matches and have just 3 wins on the season. The plain fact of the matter is that just isn't good enough.
It's a tough blow for Monk, who was a Swansea player for years before becoming their manager last season. He's got the club's blood running through his veins and I know that all Swansea supporters wanted to see him succeed.

What could be next for Swansea? Perhaps Brendan Rodgers, who is certainly looking for work after being sacked by Liverpool? Do you think that would be a good match?

@InPlainSight Haha good one bro. I'm still going with him at least for this entire season!
I feel like Swansea doesn't know their place. They weren't a great team two years ago and after finishing in the top ten once, they act like they were a great club all this time. They should've waited a bit more before firing Monk.
I heard Mourinho might be available soon @mchlyang
Holy cow. Just saw an article that says they're looking into Ryan Giggs.
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