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Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

Rating: Mature Status: Incomplete Has 11 volumes so far (that's including the prelude.)


Sometime in the future, somewhere in Europe, a city has many levels of underground, even secret dangerous levels that have answers to the past. Mihai is a retired assassin who has returned home to settle a vendetta and start a new life as a restaurant owner. Heine was genetically experimented on as a child, which led to him possessing dog like attributes. Badou is his clumsy chain smoking partner who becomes deranged when denied cigarettes. Naoto was orphaned as a child and has amnesia. She was trained to wield the sword. Their pasts are somehow connected to the secret underground and the organization that controls it. Main Characters:
Mihai: The "Weepy Old Killer" A former hit-man now trying to live a quiet life but haunted by the deaths of his victims and his lover. Source: Dogs Prelude vol. 0
Badou Nails: The "Gun Smoker" A chain smoking information broker and hired gun whose reckless facade hides a serious intent. Source: Dogs Prelude vol. 0
Naoto Fuyumine: The "Blade Maiden" A preternaturally skilled swordswoman with a single desire: revenge against the assassin who cut down her family Source: Dogs Prelude vol. 0
Heine Rammsteiner: The "Stray Dog" A cipher with a metal collar bolted to his neck, a disturbing talent for mayhem, and a childhood sacrificed to the thing known as "Kerberos." Source: Dogs Prelude vol. 0
This manga has plenty of action and is a lot more interesting than the plot makes it sound lol Definitely worth a read! I just wish I knew when vol. 11 is coming out.. Also, I believe there's an ova adaption but I have yet to watch it. Pics aren't mine. Character descriptions are on the back of the prelude volume.
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Wow this seems very interesting I'll be sure to check it out!
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this looks dope! I'll have to look into this
2 years ago·Reply
@VinMcCarthy @NikolasSatterwh It is! It's definitely got those "Wait, what??" moments that'll keep you reading
2 years ago·Reply
wats the name of this manga
2 years ago·Reply
@charlesnash Dogs: Bullets & Carnage. The prelude is just called Dogs Prelude tho
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