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@ChelseaJay made a Miss A game So here's mine and story time 1. Best Friend - Jia 2. Crush - Jia 3. Secret Admirer - Min 4. Kiss - Suzy 5. Date - Fei 6. Party w/ Suzy 7. Girlfriend - Min 8. Collaborate w/ Jia 9. Frenemy - Fei 10. Wife - Suzy
Rolling out of bed seemed like a miserable task that I just didn't want to complete. It was far to early, far to cold and far to just...no. I didn't want to move or go to work or even fully wake up, the bed was to comfortable and to warm. But things never go as I want them, especially since allowing such a morning person to stay at my place. The banging around, running water, and microwave digging had me groaning and rolling into my pillows. How someone could function after so little sleep, after working practically all night, I had no idea. "Wake up, we have a full day ahead of us." There she was standing in my doorway, leaning on the frame and being cast in the bright sunlight. "Go away, Jia." I buried myself, hiding away the creeping blush and hiding away from my adult responsibilities. It was like eight in the morning, on a Saturday, I'm never up at this hour on a weekend. Sleeping in was my thing, I didn't keep busy schedules or practice like other idols. My life was about as boring as it got idol wise but things were picking up with the collaboration. Jia insisted we release something together, show off our years of friendship and talent. "Up, now, or I won't buy you lunch." That had me peeking out, staring at her with one eye open. "You'll pay?" My voice was muffled under the blanket but she nodded in response. Groaning, huffing and puffing, I dragged myself from the bed and started the day. Jia was dancing around my small apartment, humming along to whatever music was stuck in her head. How she had so much energy was beyond me but I simply smiled as I passed her, heading for the bathroom. She was something else, always had been. I met the girl when she was a trainee and here we were, nearly eight years later. She was my best friend, my coworker and held a special place in my heart, she was my first crush in years. "Hey, Fei called this morning. She wanted to know if you guys were still on for dinner tonight." Jia knocked on the bathroom door, pulling me from my thoughts. Swinging the door open, I gave my friend a flat look. She stifled a giggle as toothpaste dribbled down my chin and toothbrush hanging haphazardly from my mouth. "Why are you still going on dates with her if you don't like her?" Jia went back to the kithen, yelling out her question. Ignoring her for the moment, finishing the bathroom routine and changing into a decently warm outfit, I moved to stand in the archway. Watching her dance around, getting the last bits of breakfast together brought a smile to my face. "I'm just casually dating her until something better comes along." Taking the plates from her, I moved to the small dining area. Jia followed, coffee in hand, her judging look not going unnoticed. "We've got a long day ahead of us. Recording most of the day and then the gym in the afternoon, you up for it?" "Yeah, I guess. I haven't recorded anything new in ages though so expect a few extra takes." Breakfast continued on with small talk about the album, the day ahead, and our hopeless love lives. Jia raided my closet for a workout outfit and then a sweater because she would get cold. The forecast called for snow in the afternoon, which meant we'd be hitting a café before home. "There's flowers on the doorstep." Jia's voice caught my eyes as I pulled my shoes on. She'd already stepped outside while I hit all the lights. "Again? I told her to stop leaving them." Taking the bouquet from Jia, I tossed them in the trash before locking up. "Who's her?" "Min, she keeps bringing them. At first I didn't know it was her but I caught her last week in the act." Making our way out of the building, we headed for the office.
"Did you finally ask her out?" Jia sat across from me, picking at her food and waiting for my response. "I asked her to sushi tonight." Pushing at my food, I didn't meet Jia's eyes. "And? What did she say?" She kicked me under table and I couldn't hold it in. A smile spread across my face, ear to ear, and Jia squealed. "I knew she'd say yes. I mean leaving flowers at your door was a major clue she liked you but I'm so happy you finally asked her out." "Yeah, yeah." I glanced at my phone, checking the time. "Oh shit, I gotta go. Call you later?" Jia waved me off, digging into her food and paying me no mind. I bopped her on the head, leaving some money on the table before heading out. I had to be back at the studio in half an hour, Suzy needed help with recording. - "So how long have been dating Min now?" Jia sipped at her hot chocolate. "About two months, she's lovely." I smiled over my own mug of hot chocolate, foam sticking to my lip as I sipped at it. "She doesn't think it's odd for you to be spending so much time with Suzy does she?" Jia leaned forward, shifting around in her chair. "She hasn't mentioned it and it's for work anyway. Suzy likes using me as a test dummy for her acting and then she needs help with music. You coming with us tonight?" "Who's us?" Jia raised her eyebrow at me, questioning and debating if she should venture out drinking with us. "Me, Min, Suzy and Fei. We're going clubbing in HongDae." Someone opened the café door, cold air whipping in. "Fei?" She coughed, choking on her hot chocolate ",I thought she didn't like you." "We're friends...kinda. She still doesn't like me for the whole dating thing but we get along for Min's sake." I shrugged, long over the fact of Fei's dislike for me. "So frenemies." Jia took another sip of her drink and mulled over the thought of going out with us. "Maybe, it depends if I get finished with everything." I raised my lip, disgusted over the thought of work. Jia spent more timing with her work than anything else, I didn't see how she did it. She laughed at my expression, kicking at my leg. We spent the rest of our lunch talking about life and where things were heading. She was enjoying work again, having taken a break shortly after our promotions finished up. She went home and spent time with family but decided that she needed to get back into it or she'd fall behind. Jia was on about forcing me to do more work since I hardly ever did anything. She was puzzled over how I still remained an idol and how I kept a paycheck. A flat look and a small speech on how I did more producing in our company than any of the other idols had her laughing. She questioned on if I was going to see some of the other groups in the company today and how they were doing. When it came time to leave, I offered her my umbrella, the snow outside had picked up and she had a longer walk. Jia protested for a moment but after tossing her the umbrella and jogging off down the street, she could only yell out a thank you. Snow gather in my hair and stuck to my clothing but it cooled the fever of excitement. Tonight was going to be fun, spending time with my friends and just being out of the house. Something I hadn't been able to do in weeks with their busy schedules as well as my own. Time with Min had even been short, our relationship kept to video calls and texts most days. Getting back to the studio, greeting the group, we began our session. Today I was working with one of the older groups, recording and getting their new album tweaked. During one of the small breaks, my phone buzzed with life. Min couldn't make it tonight, she had a recording late and then an early start tomorrow. The girlfriend bombing out meant Fei was out as well. Looks like I'm partying it up with Suzy alone tonight.
"Stop messing with the cat." I was scolded, the cat swatting at my hand. "I'm not even doing anything." Countering my wives accusation ",You have a demon cat." The little black spawn of Satan swatted at my leg, nail catching the fabric of my jeans. "Stop picking on my poor cat and come eat breakfast." "Suzy~" I called her name out, moving into the dining room. She was at the table, waiting for me to join her with a knowing smile across her face. Sunlight stretched over the room, lighting her with a backglow. "What?" She questioned, smiling and watching me cross the room. "Nothing, my lovely wife." Pressing a kiss to her temple, we started another day.
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