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"to be honest Mona you're not making sense I feel like you're not being honest. " "Casey you're not letting me answer anything." "Well explain away. " "my company is a sister company to several korean entertainment agencies, from the big to the small. just because I haven't released a song doesn't mean that I left music behind. I have been working non-stop behind the scenes to make sure the big companies stay big and the little companies get off the ground or stay afloat so they don't sink prematurely. " "so you work in Korea now?" "yes I guess I do. " "that makes things fit together so much better,rumours seem to turn into truths. .." "what? what are you talking about? " "have you dated while in Korea? " "why? " "what is your current relationship status ?" "Why does that matter? why are you jumping from subject to subject? " "that's a nice ring on your finger, sure your not hiding anything? " "I'm not hiding anything. ...If I was it wouldn't be there I'm happily married. " "to whom? " "that is none of your business I'm entitled to my privacy. " "they call this show up close and personal for a reason. ..if you don't mind I'll paint out a picture ." "I think we're done here. .." " I know you've dated some one from yg was it song mino? That would explain your constant support for him through out win." "this is crazy" "what's crazy is that after the split between you and mino, you began dating jhope from bangtan boys then- " "I never dated jhope after mino broke up with me I began dating lo....." "finish your sentence please. " "my husband, I started dating my husband. " "who is lo-? hmmm the only one that come to mind is loco from aomg and that's because you're the reason "behind you don't know". "What makes you say that...that's ridiculous lol." "well before you were booked for the show I seen a concert clip with you in the crowd and he was looking at no one but you singing that song, then he sang" hold me tight ". "......" "what? nothing to say" "well I'm trying to figure out where you guys get this stuff. "