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book Cut
what kind of book is cut? is it 12 year old appropriate?
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I think it depends on the 12 year old honestly. It's a little dark (though I remember the ending being hopeful). It's about a teenager who's getting help because of her cutting problem, and she's there with other teens with pretty common mental illnesses as well (like eating disorders)
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thank you @shannonl5 she is immature and I think is taking ideas out of the book to do... my mother asked me to ask if anyone has read it, I appreciate your help ^^
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@AnjelParker sure thing! yeah it's tough sometimes finding books for that age. I remember really liking Eva Ibbotson and Diana Wynne Jones but those are both fantasy, I dunno if that's her thing?
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I'm not sure she doesn't talk to anyone except bad kids at school Lol we're having a hard time
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