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“Good Night^^ RT @Koyun1830: @ActorLeeMinHo Good Night~ ��” “Have a Great Day ^^ RT @ykim413: @ActorLeeMinHo I am here in Vancouver right now and right now it’s in the Morning 8.30 AM hoho” “It’s raining heavily so everyone please be careful not to catch a cold RT @Minhozzing: @ActorLeeMinHo Oppa please take care and be careful not to catch a cold!! I think i have caught a cold ㅜㅜ” “Good night^^ RT @Noorhiraki1475: @ActorLeeMinHo Hello. Thank You for all of your hard work. Good Night. Greetings and Hugs from Venezuela” “Thank you RT @_arzumMinoz: @ActorLeeMinHo Finally you will be back in TV with a new drama. I am very happy and excited. I am very sure and believe that you will do well. I will always cheering for you and support you always. I hope for your success..” “Cheer Up for 3rd Graders of High School! RT @guswl8723: @ActorLeeMinHo I am in my 3rd Grade of High School so now i have to go to sleep ㅠㅜ Good Night~ Be Careful to not catch a cold♥” “I am deeply touched and impressed. I hope the forest can back to be beautiful like it is before! RT @MinozChileOFC: @ActorLeeMinHo We are naming a forest after to show our affection to the Korean Actor Lee Min Ho, we’re looking forward for you to come and visit, while we can show the beautiful Patagonia Forest” “Listen to a music. Right now i currently listen to K.Will hyung’s Love Blossom and i’m feeling like i’m watching flowers blossoming~ Have a Happy Dreams! RT @lsm0621: @ActorLeeMinHo I can’t go to sleep~~ What should i doㅠㅅㅠ” “^^ RT @RezmaRajik: @ActorLeeMinHo Your Twitter Updates and posts makes us very happy. It is because we love you <3” “Good Night ^^ Everyone Good Night and sleep well ^^ From my mention, it seems that it’s the Birthday for many of you. Congratulations and blessing to all of you and to all of you who were in High School, Cheer up! Have a Great Weekend~”