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Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán has reportedly sent a threatening email directly to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, a prominent ISIS leader after ISIS destroyed a cartel shipment. The email was leaked to Cartelblog by a Mexican blogger. By the way, if you don't know who El Chapo is, he's a drug lord who's responsible for many deaths. He had escaped prison a couple of times, and he's still on the loose.
ISIS is actually very much against drugs. Drugs are not a part of the organization's ideology for a Muslim State, so ISIS fighters have been destroying shipments of drugs from the cartels.
Check out part of the email:
“You [ISIS] are not soldiers. You are nothing but lowly p*ssies. Your god cannot save you from the true terror that my men will levy at you if you continue to impact my operation. My men will destroy you. The world is not yours to dictate. I pity the next son of a wh*re that tries to interfere with the business of the Sinaloa Cartel. I will have their heart and tongue torn from them.”
Usually El Chapo's threats aren't just threats. Looks like there's going to be brawl coming soon with two of the most violent groups in the world...

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As long as no innocents get hurt, let them destroy each other.
This is literally one of the craziest piece of news I've seen in a while.
let evil men kill each other? I'm down.
@nicolejb it's gonna be a mess
Hmmm not sure how I feel about this. A bad guy fighting another bad guy? we'll see what happens. lol
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