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It's the holidays!!!!

Which means it's time to celebrate the wonderful people in our lives. And here on Vingle I want to give Christmas cards to the two people who are supporting the Marvel community every single day. They both care about us Vinglers so much, they make amazing cards and leave hilarious and touching comments, giving us all the loves we can handle! So here's some very special Christmas cards for @LAVONYORK and @amobigbang
Every single day I know you're going to bring a smile to my face, no matter what's going down. So I hope that this year you wake up and find Deadpool sitting underneath your tree with a bunch of chimichangas. You deserve it (along with all the happiness in the world)!
I'm so glad you became such a big part of the Marvel community. It's a weird little corner of the world and thanks to you it's become even weirder. Here's a Thor covered in mistletoe for you (I didn't cover up his abs for... reasons). Because every day should be Thorsday!
@danidee gave me the idea for making Christmas cards for people and I totally love it! I'm working on the rest of them so I'll be sharing the holiday spirit all week!
Thank you @shannonl5! Deadpool would look great under my Christmas tree! Lol
Lol cool that's great
Lol thanks so much @shannonl5 😉😄