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Lately, I've become enamored with the aggressively weird synth-pop dreamscape that is Grimes' latest album, Art Angels. You can't listen to it without wanting to go deeper; there are clearly ideas here, behind the music, and I want to know what they are.
Some of those ideas perhaps become a little clearer after watching the music video, "Flesh Without Blood / Life in The Vivid Dream," which was written, directed, edited, colored, and art-directed by Grimes herself.
In the video, Grimes splinters into four different characters, each of which has a different role in the MV, as well as in her songwriting.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions, because I think her music is too good for me to impose my judgments on it. Who are we to judge, anyway? I've never had that thought about art before, but something about Art Angels makes me want to keep my paws off, and just sit and listen, feeling the music pulsing through my veins.
The one clue I'll leave is a quote that's been running through my head since I read it in FADER's interview with Claire Boucher, aka Grimes' real name. She says one of the songs on the album (and I have no idea which one) is about "being too scary to be objectified."
That's an idea that resonates with me.
Sometimes I'm so sick of being female. In relationships, in the world we live in. I get sick of being in an assumed role. I hate being afraid and I hate knowing that the reason I'm scared is intimately linked to the fact that my body is small, my arms are weak, and I'm just a girl living in a world that I can't control.
Grimes is another small girl in this crazy girl, but in her art, she takes control. I'm inspired by that. I hope you find some inspiration too, and strength as you move forward in your relationships, your work, your schooling, your life.
Watch "Flesh Without Blood / Life in the Vivid Dream" above, and be treated to more art than I've ever seen in a pop music vid.
That's hard @MelissaMae I hope that you find your way back to the healing power of music <3
@MelissaMae That's all so true. I agree that Grimes is a total gem, because she is so independent and very jealously maintains total creative control over her music. Just the fact that she wrote, directed, art directed, and starred in the music video is amazing! We rarely see popular artists today taking so much initiative. Sadly as you and @shannonl5 said, it's because they lack power. They're hedged in by management and production teams, and they're reduced to... Objects, basically. I agree with Shannon - Halsey is good, and artists like Bleachers, Pure Bathing Culture, the Japanese House, the Oh Hellos... That's what I've been listening to lately, and they're all amazing and so creative. :)
@MelissaMae I definitely feel like the music industry has become less daring nowadays. They don't want to work with artists that might be controversial (Madonna and Jewel both had that in spades) because they're so worried about their bottom line. It mattered less when the economy was stronger, consumers were actually demanding artists that took risks but now the overall culture seems like people want to take comfort in the familiar more than be challenged. Which is sad. Though I will say there are lots of indie artists that I really admire that are totally kicking butt. I love Halsey right now, I've loved Amanda Palmer for years and I'm starting to get into Portugal The Man right now. I definitely recommend them!
i cant even watch the video but just from the pictures and what you had to say, i can see that there is a vivid element of creativity and personal expression in the music video and in the song. truly, this day and age that is truly lacking in pop culture. its like where are the madonnas and jewels of today? where are the red hot chili peppers and such of today. the decline is very easy to see. most artists of today just sing what they are told to sing and its all about the same stuff youve heard in a million other songs. and the performance is just a show dictated by a choriographer but the artist is so limited. and when we do find someone who freely expresses themselves, they are a complete weirdo to the extreme who seem to be more concerned with getting attention than actually expressing a true inner self. beca use of the rise in narcissism, people are motivated not by the need for true self expression but just to be noticed even if it is at the cost of their true self and if someone is full on NPD, they are completely out of touch with their true self and therefore cant express it. narcissism stifles creativity. they may be creative but its counterfit. and it makes it hard for real people to connect with whatever the artist is doing. but if the artist that you speak of here can be creative and expressive in a true sense, thats amazing.
@MelissaMae I understand <3
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