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It’s been four years since Neill Blomkamp burst onto the scene with his strikingly original sci-fi debut District 9, which somehow managed to blast you with action and social commentary and still find room for laughs. This combination proved potent enough that the found-footage-style film, full of laser guns and mechs, even managed to pew-pew-pew its way to a rare sci-fi Best Picture nomination. This summer, Blomkamp returns with Elysium, another sci-fi actioner, and this time he’s armed with major stars in Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. He also commands an estimated budget almost four times the size. But will all this extra ammo empower him to surpass his debut, or will it weigh him down?
Lol, just because this is turning out to be a Matt Damon appreciation thread, you guys @Goyo @YinofYang should check out his Oscar acceptance speech with Ben Affleck: The two are like kids who just got their Christmas presents early
@Goyo Heehee, that's a good thing. Although, he was really awesome in the Bourne trilogy. Gah, I love those movies.
@YinofYang he really is one of those "pretty boy" actors that I can say I actually respect
@Goyo I can understand your hesitation. The results aren't always so great when they try themselves. But, yes, Matt Damon taking it must mean he truly appreciates the script. (^_^)
I am definitely curious... i dont know i mean the last was based on a great book. coming up with the story line and creating the whole world on ur own is a completely new beast. i do agree with @yinogyang that Matt Damon definitely takes up great roles though so that is already a sign that this is gonna be good
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