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Tim Schafer's game company Double Fine is no stranger to crowdfunding their projects. So it should come as no surprise that Psychonauts 2 is coming to us provided we reach the goal they set on Fig (which is a funding platform created solely for game studios).
It's interesting to see that Double Fine are going back to the crowdfunding strategy after their first crowdfunding project (Broken Age) had exceeded its goal by leaps and bounds. Even though there's loads to be said about the way many indie game companies rely on the audience to fund their projects, it's hard to for me to formulate some thoughts because...


The first Psychonauts is a game that I can fondly remember watching my friends play when I would hang out at their houses. It was one of the funnier games I've ever seen played. But now that it's easy to acquire on Steam and other game clients, I think I'm going to get back into it and experience it for myself.
There's something really uplifting about this game's announcement. Some of it has to do with that idea of crowdfunding I touched upon earlier but it's really a testament to doing things your own way, the way you want to. It's amazing to see one game developer/game studio receive such acclaim even though they're on the outside of the games industry.
Even though they've made a lot of money through their crowdfunding campaigns, I still consider Double Fine an independent game developer. For those of us that eventually want to make their own games (such as myself), I think they're the success story that we can all look up to. Sure, we might not reach the same peak they have but at least we know it's possible. And the announcement of Psychonauts 2 is another success that we can all look to when we're feeling down about the industry.
If you feel particularly giving (it is the Holiday Season) you can invest in the game here.
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Woot! You have know idea how excited I am for this! Even more so that it's being done by Double Fine