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This is a series where I take a Villain from anime that I feel is a bit underrate for under appreciated and talk about them a bit and tell why they're great.
Jin Kariya is a Villain from Bleach and is the leader of the Bounts which are known as Vampires in human history. Bounts are capable of absorbing souls and doing so gives them immortality. Bounts were created from an experiment which caused an explosion in the Soul Society and were massacred because of it. Bounts fight with a thing called Dolls which are very similar to a Shinigami's Zanpakuto. Kariya was able to fuse with his doll and achieve great power because of it.
Kariya's plan was to get revenge on the Soul Society for killing the Bounts by completely destroying it. Ichigo believes that he was just looking for an end. He has lived for a long time after all. I find this trait comparable to Togura from Yu Yu Hakusho as they just wanted to be defeated and put down. Kariya deep down knew what he was doing was wrong but kept going anyways in the hopes of being stopped.
Thanks for reading my card and tell me what you think in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
hmmm I have no idea who this is. I read the bleach manga, and only watch the anime for major fights. he must have been a filler arc villain
@VinMcCarthy Yeah I actually enjoyed him too. I don't usually like filler villains but he's one of the exceptions