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In a new poll, the NY Times and CBS along with Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) /Religion News Service, collected information on American's perspective of the terrorist attacks.
Four years ago, only 53% told PRRI that terrorism was a critical issue. Now, it’s 75%.
About 2 in 3 of those surveyed (67%) called mass shootings a critical issue, and another 27% say it’s an important concern.

So, what should we do about this fear?

Step 1: Don't let it control you.
Step 2: Make it productive

I found some productive ways to channel that fear into something better...

Channel it

Fear can often be debilitating, but research finds that most people have a "sweet-spot," a place where you can channel the fear to make you alert and motivated, but not so nervous that you're debilitated.

Alert and attentiveness to surrounds can help in emergency situations.

Don't let it separate us.

Dan Cox, director of the PRRI study made an important observation: “Despite the heated rhetoric we are hearing from people like Donald Trump,” Cox said, “the majority of the public (53%) are in favor of letting Syrian refugees come to the U.S. if they go through stringent security checking.” Among those who oppose this, a majority (57%) cited security fears.
Essentially: Those that fear more, do not want to help the Syrian refugees, they do not want to help.
@InPlainSight made a fascinating card about how ISIL wants for us to use that fear against each other. Check it out: What do ISIS want?
In times like this, I turn to Mr. Rogers.

So, I ask you fellow Americans (and those fearful across the globe) what will you do with your fear?

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Yeah, and It's sad, because despite all of the evidence toward curbing gun violence and advocating for reform...people still feel like they're being attacked at the core, at their "fundamental right to bear arms." I've been thinking a lot about this. Like, why do we need machine guns and assault rifles to protect ourselves? I'm just....confused. And I wonder what the founding fathers would think. I think they'd be sad, and they'd take action. The colonial US was a different place, and modern times need modern measures.
2 years ago·Reply
Our weapons back then were not the weapons we have now, that's for sure @TessStevens the world changes and I really feel like we need to adapt and change too. it's something that's been bugging me too. on top of that, it's sort've like look at all this evidence of other places where it WORKS :(
2 years ago·Reply
Right! I agree with that too. :/ It's a shame.
2 years ago·Reply
prepare for the worst of course, spiritually mentally and emotionally
2 years ago·Reply
ISIS isn't muslim, they preach nothin but insolence the total opposite of what Islam teaches. they are just a bunch of radicals and supremecists... they'll me smited eventually so just sit back and watch them destroy themselves.
2 years ago·Reply