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Part 1

(If you just saw this card and want to participate in the game, click here first: Part 1&2)
Lets say that you've been crushing on a guy for ages. You've been dying for the moment that he confesses to you.
Now, I'm going to reveal your crush behind these adorable dogs!

Dog 1- Baekhyun

I thought you guys would know as he's known to be part of the Beagle line. No? Okay... XD

Dog 2- Siwon

The reason behind this is because Siwon owns a pug himself.

Dog 3- Jackson

You know how Chihuahua's are known to be small and feisty? This is definitely Jackson XD

Part 2

So you've been crushing on this guy for a while, but where did y'all meet and how?
At the park feeding pigeons? At the movies paying for your ticket? At school during recess?
I will now reveal where and how you and your crush met.

Forest Setting 1- Movie Theater

You were in a movie theater paying for your ticket when you accidentally dropped your wallet when the person behind you tapped your shoulder. You turned around and made eye contact with the most beautiful person in the world. You felt butterflies soaring in your stomach as you shyly grabbed your wallet from his hold. He chuckled and mumbled, "Cute." but enough for you to hear.

Forest Setting 2- Starbucks

You and your friends walked into Starbucks. You were the first one to order when the cashier gave you your receipt and you glanced at him with confusion spread on your face. He looked at you and chuckled, "It's all taken care of." He winked as he turned to your friends to take their order. You looked down at the receipt and you spotted his phone number and a note that said, "I know you like Starbucks but can you like me more?" You glanced at him as he turned to you and flashed a smile. You blushed even more when your friends teased you about him.
Are you pleased with your person? I bet you are ^_^
I'm on my way to post Part 3&4 so get ready guys!
baekhyun and the. movies... I could see it
I met Siwon at the movies! Yes for picking the only one older than me!!
Awwww I missed Jackson 馃槀 but Baek though 馃構馃槏. Oh well Exo bias. 馃
Baekhyunnie and the movies ~ nice
馃槉 I'm glad @KpopGaby
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