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So in my music class (where I did my Big Bang project) My teacher and classmates we're really interested on my project that I might be able to have the whole class period (the class is 45 minutes long) to show them kpop music videos!!

But I don't know which ones to choose so please help me!!

Hi! That's awesome! I think you should do Haru Haru and Fantastic Baby - Big Bang, Overdose - EXO, Dope - Bts, I got a boy - Girls Generation, I am the best 2NE1 and Just right - Got7 so you can have at one each from the big three and also the amazing Bangtan boys!
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Actually I was thinking of those songs!@camwheel
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OMG! No way! Haha I know you will do great! Let me know how it turns out. Fighting! ✊🏽
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TVXQ Before U Go , JYJ In Heaven for drama MVs ❤
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