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This movie is a film Adaptation of the book and it truly encompasses multiple genres. I'd have to sit and record each and every instance of each genre to be sure, but ain't nobody's got time for that. This movie is close to my heart because it takes all the little honest hopes, dreams, and struggles we face to show that their is a greater purpose and we tuely do make impacts on this world though we may not see it. It makes you think about what is truly important and how you can keep the knowledge of that alive. The constants of this movie is love and love for the common man which can shape ages. Enjoy the trailer that, it in itsself, is epic.
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@MarySEW there is no reason that i know of now that will ever be good enough for me. and i dont care to know what i can or cant handle. what does that mean anyway? is that supposed to make me feelt better about it? idk even why people say that. i think that must be one of the most annoying things to hear when someone is upset with the way life has gone. or is it just me? idk but i think if i hear that one more time, i might just lose my cool. i know you are trying to help but i dont think i can take hearing that one more. time.
I remember starting to read this book with NO idea what I was getting into and I fell head over heels in love. I liked the book more than the movie but the movie is brilliant too!
I have yet to see this one @ButterflyBlu @MarySew :( but it looks incredible. I might have to read the book before I check it out though. I try to read the book before the movie, personally XD thanks for the tag!
I haven't seen it or read it @ButterflyBlu. But it sounds super awesome from @MarySEW's great card AND your recommendation!! Do you think the book is better than the movie??
I haven't read the book but its definitely on my list! @AlloBaber