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Tis' the Season to think about and agonize over the perfect gift(s) for your favorite shutterbug. To help you make wise and affordable decisions I have decided to compile a list of items that every photographer (amateur or pro) shouldn't be without.
Although memory can be had for much less than $75 - typically the better memory (faster transfer rates and larger volume) will run between $50-$75 - depending... some memory cards are much more expensive. Just check the manual for your camera (or the camera of the person you are gifting - all you need to know is the model make and number - the types of memory recommended for any camera is easily found online) and see what is available. As a hard-core shutterbug I can tell you that you can NEVER have too much memory - even if you rarely use it. What is painful is when you need it and don't have it.
Tamrac Mirage 4 Photo/Tablet Backpack - $64.95
B&H Photo
Once you move past the $50 range the opportunities for great camera transport solutions opens up into the world of backpacks. Backpacks are great because they allow you to distribute the weight of your gear across BOTH shoulders instead of just one. I've used Tamrac backpacks for years and they are durable and highly functional.
Vello FreeWave Plus Remote Shutter Release - $59.95
B&H Photo <---- For Nikon - they make this unit for several camera types including Canon and Sony.
This is a fun little toy! Ever want to have the ability to make your camera shoot a photo by pressing a remote control button in your hand? This will allow it plus it's a life-saver if you want to shoot long exposures and don't want to risk shaking the camera as you press the shutter. No more pressing a timer and running to get into a group photo. You can take your time and press the shutter button whenever you are ready. I love mine and use it when I'm doing long exposures - it makes "holding" the shutter in "Bulb" mode (the mode that allows you to hold your camera's shutter open for however long you want - the trick is that you have to hold the shutter button) so easy. Press once to start the bulb mode - press again to end it. This is a tool that I really don't ever want to be without. And I take it to every shoot - you never know when you will need it.