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Kim Bum on BFFs Min Ho and Ilwoo

[Trans summary: Kim Bum interview regarding Ilwoo and Minho] ‘I always watch the first broadcast of my work with the objective Lee Minho and the delicate Jung Ilwoo.’ Kim Bum describe that monitoring each other work is part of his friendship with Lee Minho and Jung Ilwoo. “The three of us have different personalities, so we also different in the way we talk.”, Kim Bum said. Even the three of us are like brothers, we’re used to hear comment like this, “Hey, this is not supposed to be like this~” since we try to be honest to each other. Sometimes we speak harsh to each other too (laughing). Among three of us, Jung Ilwoo hyung is the closest person to me and he’s a delicate person. I talk to him about everything. On the other hand, in order to help me become great (in acting), Lee Minho hyung always try to be objective and talk straightforward when he gives his opinion. credit: chosun
they are so cute<3
handsome oppas
thy are bth .. cute ^_^
ohhh so nice to see them close to each other
me alegro que sean amigos y que no se hagan enemigo por el trabajo, todos actuan muy bien, besos desde venezuela..
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Well this list broke my heart
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