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Tis' the Season to think about and agonize over the perfect gift(s) for your favorite shutterbug and what if you are looking to make a BIG SPLASH and do something extravagant - you know - a gift for someone special be they friend, family, or special someone - A gift that says "You are the bomb and I'm even more cool because looky what I got you!" This edition of Photo Gifts is for you!
Pelican 1560SC Studio Case - $299.95 B&H Photo There are camera bags and then there is THIS - the Pelican 1560SC Studio Case. It's pretty much the Lincoln Town Car - the Cadillac of camera storage and transport cases. Besides being fully air-tight, water-tight, and crush-proof, it's lockable, has wheels and a retractable handle. That's just basic Pelican Case really... what makes this case so AMAZING is what is inside - a top-quality camera case insert that allows you to configure your gear in dozens and dozens of different ways. The second photo above - I can fit all of the gear from the two bags next to the Pelican Case into it and sill have room for another lens or camera body. This case is really a great solution for on-location shoots where you want to bring several lenses, bodies, etc... and you need an organized, secure place to keep them. What I love about this case is the fact it offers maximum protection for my gear during transport and because of the design, it's easy to get onto location because I can wheel it using the built-in casters and retractable handle. If you want to give a photo gift that will put a smile on any Scrooge-faced photographer - this is sure to do the trick!
ProMediaGear Tomahawk Gimbal Attachment for Ball Heads - $299.00 B&H Photo Gimbal heads are relatively specialized pieces of gear - designed to handle the weight of large telelphoto lenses and allow for balanced load distribution - which equates to fluid and fast movement if tracking a moving object - it may not be something that your favorite photographer has acquired but would certainly appreciate. The ProMediaGear Tomahawk Gimbal is simply a beautifully designed, engineered, and finished piece of equipment. It works perfectly and is my personal choice for all of my big lens adventures - from Triathlons and other sporting events to wildlife photography; it's the only gimbal I care to own.
Manfrotto XPRO Prime Base 3-Section Aluminum Monopod & XPRO Ball Head - $339.76 B&H Photo Having a reliable, solid, highly versatile monopod solution for your camera gear is a must. Tripods are great for shots where you plan on camping out for a while and not moving - but for fast moving events where you may have to pick up and go at a moment's notice, the monopod is the ONLY way to go. Manfrotto's 3 section - 2 stage heavy monopod with optional feet (the three aluminum legs can be folded in seconds and inserted into the base allowing you to use your monopod with the traditional single point base or the "legged" option which provides more stability) is solid and is easy to adjust. How stable it is? Check out the attached photos. There is a photo of this monopod free-standing on carpet with a Tomahawk Gimbal, my Nikon D4s and Nikon 300mm f/2.8 lens - an additional 10lbs of weight and it was completely stable. The Manfrotto Ball Head is strong, ergonomic, and easy to use. I have an older version of this head and it's a perfect fit for the monopod. What I like most about it is that it has an ARCA-SWISS quick-release plate - making it compatible with any ARCA-SWISS dovetail plates or rails.