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I will not tell lies, so I have to admit: I slept on "Elf."
Something about the previews didn't grab me, so it took me awhile to get to the film. As always, Will Ferrell didn't disappoint in this one. The plot was solid and the acting was sharp. I'm not a fan of holiday-themed movies, but this one was on point.
Today, Buddy the Elf dropped by Billy on the Street to yell at strangers about gold, frankincense, and chimneys with host Billy Eichner.
Will Ferrell was amazing in this one. Odd, but amazing.
For some reason, the famed comedian selected a christmas themed onesie as his choice of apparel for the day. It grabbed the attention of everyone in the worst way possible, of course.
Oh and the questions? Hilarious! Catch the funny segment above.
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I'm still sleeping on Elf. Maybe I'll watch it this year. Also, lmao, I love Billy on the Street.